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How to Make Nigerian Cake

Nigerian cake is simple and sweet. There’s now not plenty going on in the cake but it tastes delicious. No candies, no whipped cream but Nigerians adore it and they’re constantly searching for that unadulterated Nigerian Cake recipe for that cake that melts inside the mouth.

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Whether you are seeking to bake a Nigerian wedding cake, a Nigerian Birthday cake on your youngsters otherwise you simply want to bake a cake that you may save on your freezer and munch on occasionally, the Nigerian cake recipe special in this page is the basis for all Nigerian cake recipes. All you need to do is add a touch twist to yours. But do not cross too a long way with it else you spoil it 🙂

Nigerian Cake Ingredients
The quantities of elements listed under are what I used for a cake that I baked with a 10 inch diameter and 2.Five inch deep cake pan. When achieved, the cake had a diameter of 10 inches (of direction) and a top of 2.5 inches with a slight dome.

Four cups (500g) All Purpose Flour
12 Eggs
four sticks (500g) Butter (NOT Margarine)
400g (2 cups) Granulated Sugar
three teaspoons baking powder
three tablespoons vanilla extract
½ cup brandy

Tools You’ll Need to Bake a Nigerian Cake
The following are the minimal equipment you will need to bake a Nigerian Cake:

An oven with a pinnacle and down heating functionality is exceptional in UK
Sieve or Sifter
Egg Whisk.
Cake Pan: 10 inches in diameter and a couple of.5 inches deep.
More statistics approximately the Nigerian Cake Ingredients
The flour to apply on your Nigerian Cake

You MUST use plain flour if you want to have fulfillment with the Nigerian Cake recipe special on this page. I do no longer know what using a self-rising flour will do to your cake if you use it. The hassle with self-rising flour is they by no means state the amount of the leavening agent (in this situation, baking powder) they delivered to the flour. This is why I choose simple flour in order that I even have extra manipulate over the quantity of baking powder that I upload to the cake recipe.

The butter to use for you Nigerian Cake

For the ones residing in Nigeria, please use baking butter NOT margarine. You need to be able to buy baking butter from any save that sells bakery components. For my US audience whose butter is available in sticks. I don’t know the burden of 1 stick of butter. Maybe this is written at the wrapping so that you can take a look at it and then understand how many sticks correspond to 1.1 lbs.

Please do no longer melt the butter. Bring it out from the refrigerator the day earlier than you’re making your Nigerian cake. This way, it will likely be tender sufficient for creaming on the day you will bake the cake.


If you think your granulated sugar is simply too coarse, you can grind it with a dry mill (the one used for grinding egusi, ogbono, and so forth) earlier than including it to the butter for creaming. You most effective want to grind it a little bit to lessen the scale of the grains of sugar. This reduces the creaming time.


The task of the vanilla extract is simply to feature a vanilla flavour to the cake. If you want another flavour such as butterscotch (used in wedding cakes) and so forth, please use it to update the vanilla flavour and upload it once I add the vanilla flavour.

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Dry Fruits

If you need to add dry fruits which includes raisins, please soak these in brandy for as a minimum 1 week (up to 1 month for Nigerian wedding ceremony desserts) earlier than including it in your cake. This is in order that the culmination will not make the cake cross awful or taste humorous after a while specially for Nigerian Wedding cakes which people want to maintain for an extended time.


The brandy is a preservative for the cake. With all those eggs inside the cake, it is able to pass awful before the occasion if you don’t upload brandy or another cake preservative to it. Here, I am talking about if you’ll area the cake at the counter for some days even as adorning it (particularly for wedding cakes). But in case you are creating a cake that you will throw into your freezer as quickly as it has cooled down, then no need for the brandy.

But please do not cross overboard with the brandy. You do not need humans to feel tipsy after consuming your cake.

Before you’re making the Nigerian Cake
Make positive that each one the utensils and appliances you may use for the cake are easy and dry.
Check, check and check which you have all of the components you’ll need to bake the cake.
Print out the Nigerian cake recipe and keep it close by.
Everything geared up? Let’s pass!

Making the Nigerian Cake: Step by way of Step
1. Cream the butter and the sugar
Put the soft butter and the granulated sugar into the mixer and begin creaming.

I used the very best placing on my mixer that’s a 300 Watts appliance and the creaming took me a complete of 1 hour.

Please comply with the instructions within the person manual of your mixer when creaming. For my mixer, the coaching says that I must now not run the equipment for greater than 10 mins at a time. So, I cream for 10 minutes, prevent to allow the mixer rest and cool down, I run it again for ten mins and many others. And it took me a total of one hour creaming time (stoppage time NOT blanketed) to absolutely cream the butter and the sugar. Your very own time may be greater or much less depending on the kind of mixer you have got and the size of the grains of your sugar.

A nicely-creamed sugar/butter mix must appearance a great deal whiter than the butter you began with, softer (it ought to be able to drop from a spoon,  and you could barely experience the granulated sugar while you taste the creamed butter and sugar. Some granulated sugar can be cussed and you can nonetheless sense the grains but it’s OK as long as the butter/sugar combination is as white and soft as viable.

2. Prepare your baking pan
When you’re nearly carried out with the creaming, put together your cake pan with the aid of rubbing the insides with smooth butter. Then placed a few flour into the greased pan, making sure the flour touches every part, then pour out the flour.

The greasing and flouring of the insides of your cake pan will prevent the cake from sticking to the pan thereby making it smooth with a view to convey out the cake from the pan while achieved, without denting the cake.

3. Beat the Eggs
Break all of the eggs into a massive bowl and whisk them to a clean combination.

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4. Add the eggs and blend
Before you do that step, you ought to make sure that your butter and sugar are well creamed.

If your mixer is big enough to accommodate the creamed butter and sugar with the whisked eggs, upload the whisked egg into the mixer. Mix until you have got a smooth fluffy mixture of the creamed butter/sugar and the eggs.

If your mixer isn’t always large enough, switch the creamed butter and sugar to a bigger bowl. Add the eggs and use a hand mixer to combine the 2 until you get a fluffy clean combo. . This took me approximately five mins with my 300 Watts hand mixer that’s extractable from my mixer.

5. Turn for your oven to preheat
It’s now time to show to your oven to 150°C or 302°F so that it is able to start heating up at the same time as you finish mixing the cake. You ought to additionally switch it to the up & down warmness setting.

6. Add the decorative ingredients
Add the vanilla extract or another flavours of your desire, add the brandy and pre-soaked dry end result (if any) and stir with a wooden spatula until the whole lot is nicely integrated. Add a few browning in case you are baking a Nigerian wedding cake. This is what offers the cake the darkish colour.

7. Add the apparent flour with the baking powder
Now, add the baking powder to the apparent flour.
Put the mixture right into a sieve or a flour sifter. Add small portions of the flour through the sieve/sifter into the bowl wherein you have already got other cake substances.
Stir very well with the timber spatula. Add another small quantity of the flour with baking powder. Stir.
Repeat this method till all of the flour is included. I alert you, this process could make your arm die a piece so be sure you are ready for the arm exercise earlier than you begin. 🙂


It is really useful to stir the cake blend in one course, in a folding fashion, when adding the flour due to the fact maximum cake specialists say that while you stir within the opposite path, air bubbles could be trapped in your cake mix and your cake may have holes in it while carried out.

It is vital to skip the flour via a sieve or sifter so that you are positive that the flour that enters the cake blend in its finest powder form. You do not need to have small lumps of flour in your cake do you? This additionally ensures a very clean cake blend.
Eight. Pour the cake mix into the greased cake pan
Once every ingredient is properly incorporated, it’s time to pour the combination into the greased cake pan.
If you want to make a multicolour layered cake you then must at this point divide the cake mix into the number of colors you want. Put these into separate clean dry bowls. Add the colors to each, stir nicely and pour into the cake pan one after the opposite. You should make certain you degree out every colored cake blend as much as feasible before pouring any other one.
Once you’ve poured in all the cake mix into the cake pan, gently lift and drop the cake pan numerous instances to stage out the cake mix as a good deal as feasible . Don’t fear if the top isn’t always so clean, as quickly as the heat of the oven gets to it, it’ll level out.
Nine. Baking Time!
Transfer the cake to the preheated oven, putting the rack halfway between the top and the lowest of the oven.
Bake for at the least 2 hours earlier than attempting to open the oven door to check the cake. It took my cake 2 hours to upward thrust to maximum and in case you open the oven door earlier than the cake has fully risen, you have interrupted the baking technique, the cake will forestall rising, might not be calmly cooked while achieved and it will be more difficult than ordinary while achieved. There are countless matters which can move wrong along with your cake if you do not anticipate it to upward thrust completely earlier than establishing the oven door. That it smells like cake does not mean that it’s miles accomplished. 🙂
Even though mine took 2 hours, you must hold an eye on yours till you word that it’s miles now not rising before trying to open the oven door. All ovens aren’t the same so you have to use my baking time as a manual most effective.
10. Check the Cake
After 2 hours, once I’m sure that the cake is no longer rising, I take a look at it via driving a knife into the middle of the cake. If the knife comes out with smears of the cake blend, then the cake isn’t always completed. If it comes out smooth and dry, with simplest a smear of butter (oily look) then the cake is done. If the cake passes the knife take a look at, I cross directly to do the other tests.
The 2d manner I take a look at the cake is to test the edges of the cake pan. The cake ought to be separated from the pan or as a minimum no longer caught to the pan.
The third way I test that the cake is achieved is to dip a timber skewer (stick) into the center of the cake. Wooden skewers are a bit rougher than knives so they have a tendency to pick up smears more. So if the wooden skewer comes out smooth, the cake ought to be done.
Even while my cake passes all of the above assessments, I nevertheless perform the fourth test in order that I can be doubly positive that it is done before bringing it out of the oven. Nobody wants to grow to be with an undone cake. The fourth and very last check I perform is to gently push the cake down on the center with my open palm. If the cake springs back when I lift my palm and there is no influence of my palm on the cake, then the cake is completed.
Eleven. Cool and Decorate/Refrigerate
Once you are certain that the cake is executed, carry it out of the oven and depart it alone for handiest five minutes then take out the perimeters of the pan. Then leave to calm down completely before redecorating the cake.

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You can also reduce it up in proper sizes and store within the freezer.

That’s how the Nigerian Cake is made. You can serve it up as a snack with a chilled drink or devour it as a dessert. When decorated, use for birthdays and weddings.