June 6, 2023

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How To Make Banana Ice Cream

Ingredients for Super Creamy Banana Ice Cream

  • ½ small party cup of whole milk (see below)
  • 3 drops of vanilla extract
  • 2 ripe but firm bananas
  • 1 tin of Peak Milk

Peel, cut up the bananas and put in a blender.
Add the Peak Milk.
Add the boilerplate extract.
Add the accomplished milk.
Start the blender.
When the mix is able-bodied blender, abide to run the blender for 2 account more. This is to ensure that aggregate is able-bodied aerated and creamy!
Pour the mix into popsicle molds. If you do not accept a popsicle mold, cascade into a bowl.
Plave the poscicle cast or basin in the freezer and leave it there overnight.
The abutting day, abolish the ice cream from the molds and enjoy! If you acclimated a bowl, accompany it out from the freezer and leave the basin on a table for 5 minutes, again beat the ice chrism into cups and enjoy.

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