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  • Prepare Lentils Porridge

    Lentils are super vegetables. Because of their high fiber content, they keep sugar levels from quickly ascending after a dinner. They additionally help bring down cholesterol. So everybody ought to eat lentils not simply diabetics. In this formula, I demonstrate how I cook lentils to such an extent that it...

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  • How to Prepare Okpa

    Different names for Okpa are Igba and Ntucha. Elements for Okpa For 12 medium wraps of Okpa, you will require: 3 stogie containers | 450g | 1lb Okpa flour 15 tablespoons red palm oil 4 little stock/bouillon 3D squares (Maggi, Knorr and so forth) Salt (to taste) Habanero pepper (to...

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  • How to cook Pepper Soup

    Ingredients for Pepper Soup 1kg Chicken or Cow Foot or Assorted Beef 4 seeds Ehu or Ariwo or Calabash Nutmeg Chilli Pepper (to flavor) 2 teaspoons beaten Dry Uziza (non-obligatory) three inventory cubes 1 teaspoon of Thyme (for hen pepper soup) 2 medium onions Salt (to taste) If preparing Chicken...

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  • Cook Boiled Plantain

    Ingredients Ripe / Unripe Plantain: as many pieces as you can eat! Palm Oil Onions Hot Chilli Pepper Salt Directions Wash the plantain and reduce every fruit into or three portions relying on how massive the fruits are. Put in a pot, upload some water and set to cook dinner....

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Nigerian Foods

Nigerian meals is essential to Nigerian tradition. It describe the Nigerian peopleIts the reason why anyplace we discover ourselves; we are prepared to eat our food daily without being bored!!.

We choose to eat Nigerian food in any place we find ourselves in. That is because we by no means feel fulfilled if we do not eat our Nigeria food from fatherland.
In Nigeria, eating outside home is becoming more usual nowadays but commonly people eat at home. That is the reason why essential that we all must know how to prepare these foods.