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  • How to Make Coconut Oil

    How to Make Coconut Oil

    You will need: A blender for blending the coconuts. My blender has 850W energy and it can combo portions of coconut thoroughly. I actually have also used a 600W blender in the beyond (and lately a 500W blender) with extremely good results. You also can grind it within the marketplace...

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  • Nigerian Chicken Suya

    Ingredients  Chicken breast suya spice Suya Pepper (Suya Spice) Groundnut or Peanut Oil Salt Tools : Skewers or sticks Making the Chicken Suya Make some suya pepper if you do no longer have it. Cut the chicken breast into fillets. The fowl dealers at the beef market where I stay generally...

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  • Akara Recipe

    Akara, also called Bean Cakes, Bean Balls, Bean Fritas or Acarajé in Portuguese is a Nigerian breakfast recipe made with beans. To make Akara, you need to to start with get rid of the beans coat. You need to take away the coat from the beans just earlier than you...

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  • How to prepare Yam Porridge with Bitter Leaves

    Ingredients A handful well-washed bitterleaves Water 1.8kg white puna yam A handful dry fish crumbs (aja azu) A handful ukpaka (shredded oil bean) ½ teaspoon Ogiri Igbo (castor seed paste) Palm Oil 1 tablespoon ground crayfish 1 big stock cube Salt & pepper Before you cook Peel and reduce the yam tuber...

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Nigerian Foods

Nigerian meals is essential to Nigerian tradition. It describe the Nigerian peopleIts the reason why anyplace we discover ourselves; we are prepared to eat our food daily without being bored!!.

We choose to eat Nigerian food in any place we find ourselves in. That is because we by no means feel fulfilled if we do not eat our Nigeria food from fatherland.
In Nigeria, eating outside home is becoming more usual nowadays but commonly people eat at home. That is the reason why essential that we all must know how to prepare these foods.