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Fufu Recipes

How to prepare Cassava Fufu: Akpu

Ingredients Cassava Fufu Water Pot liner You need to line the pot before including the balls of cassava fufu. This is in order that the balls do no longer stick with the pot. Use the following as liners: Uma leaves or Banana leaves or Plastic bag Utensils for pounding the fufu Mortar and Pestle or […]

Fufu Recipes

How to prepare Tuwo Shinkafa

Ingredients Short/Medium grain soft rice Water   Before you are making  Tuwo Shinkafa Rinse the rice in cold water and installed a massive pot. Instructions Pour just sufficient water to cover the rice and start cooking at medium warmness. When the primary dose of water dries up, take a look at the rice with the […]

Fufu Recipes

How to make Coconut Fufu

Ingredients 2 parts Coconut Flour 1 part of Garri Notes  We have already installed that Coconut Flour is a healthful, low carb, gluten-loose, grain-loose flour so it checks all of the buttons within the healthy meal department. Garri is healthy too, this is if you buy the classic Garri that handed through the entire method of […]