September 22, 2023

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How to make Coconut Fufu


  • 2 parts Coconut Flour
  • 1 part of Garri

We have already installed that Coconut Flour is a healthful, low carb, gluten-loose, grain-loose flour so it checks all of the buttons within the healthy meal department.
Garri is healthy too, this is if you buy the classic Garri that handed through the entire method of creating real Garri.

Garri is crafted from Cassava tubers which might be excessive in carbohydrates but the technique of changing the cassava tubers into Garri makes Garri a wholesome meal.
The cassava tuber is peeled and floor right into a paste.
The paste is then sieved with a chiffon fabric to take away all or nearly all of the starch within the cassava. This starch is what you see being sold in Nigerian markets for making your garments stiff or to make Starch that is served with Banga Soup.
The fibre or chaff because of this sieving of the ground cassava is then put in a bag, tied and installed a press to eliminate all of the water from it. It remains inside the press for as a minimum 24 hours, up to two days and in the course of this era, fermentation units in.

Fermentation reduces the nutritional carbohydrate ranges in cassava. And bear in mind, most of the carbohydrate have been removed at the same time as sieving.
When dry, the floor cassava is then sieved once more with raffia sieves with big holes in order that only the large fibrous portions of cassava do no longer bypass thru.
The result of this sifting is then dry roasted in wrought iron pans to get Garri.
Ijebu Garri is an example of a well processed healthy Garri.

Psyllium husk is a gluten-free meals thickener that mimics the task of gluten. It is popularly utilized by the ones on low carb diets eg Atkins and Ketogenic diets.
The purpose why we need to blend the coconut flour with any other healthful flour that creates a extra elastic dough is because Coconut Flour does now not contain gluten. Gluten is the substance this is found in flours that gives them the elastic texture whilst you blend the flour with liquid.

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This absence of gluten method that whilst you try to use best coconut flour to make Coconut Fufu, it’ll no longer come together like when you make semolina fufu. So you won’t be able to use it to make balls of swallows.
By 2 “elements” of Coconut Flour, I imply: in case you are the use of a milk cup, measure 2 milk cups of coconut flour and 1 milk cup of Garri, if you are using a tablespoon to degree, that will be 2 tablespoons of coconut flour and 1 desk spoon of Garri and so on.
Mix the two ingredients of coconut flour with one part of Garri in bowl.
Grind the combo with a dry mill (coffee grinder, spice grinder, blender dry mill and many others) to turn the coarse grains of Garri into powder.

Grind with a dry mill
Pour some water in a pot and set on the stove to boil. The amount of water depends on the quantity of Coconur Flour you are making.
When the water boils, pour a small quantity in a bowl and set apart. Reduce the heat to low.
Then begin pouring the coconut flour and Garri mix into the recent water and stir at the same time with a spatula. This is precisely the equal way we make semolina fufu or poundo yam.
Once you sense a few resistance, prevent adding the flour but maintain mixing with the spatula until you get a gentle and easy dough.

Mix coconut fufu
Add the hot water you place aside earlier, cover and depart to steam very well.
Mix again and it’s achieved.