June 1, 2023

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How to prepare Tuwo Shinkafa


  • Short/Medium grain soft rice
  • Water

Before you are making  Tuwo Shinkafa
Rinse the rice in cold water and installed a massive pot.


Pour just sufficient water to cover the rice and start cooking at medium warmness.
When the primary dose of water dries up, take a look at the rice with the aid of mashing it between your hands. If the rice grains have even a tiny resistance whilst you press them, then it desires to be cooked some extra.
Reduce the heat to low, add a touch bit extra water and hold cooking till the water dries.
Repeat the system till the rice is so soft that it melts while you press on it.
Once you’re glad, mash the rice with a wood spatula via shifting the rice in small portions from the far cease of the pot on your side of the pot.
Fold the mound of tuwo and repeat until all the rice grains have became a mass of tuwo.
Cover and leave it to steam for about 2 mins.
Mix very well and dish serving portions onto a skinny plastic film and wrap them up. This wrapping prevents the tuwo from drying .
You also can serve them in smaller balls as proven inside the image above.

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