September 25, 2023

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How to prepare Cassava Fufu: Akpu


Cassava Fufu
Pot liner
You need to line the pot before including the balls of cassava fufu. This is in order that the balls do no longer stick with the pot. Use the following as liners:

Uma leaves or
Banana leaves or
Plastic bag
Utensils for pounding the fufu
Mortar and Pestle or
Stand Mixer or
Food processor

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Note: The cooking times depend upon the amount of akpu you’re cooking. For this demonstration, I cooked about 1Kg (2.2lbs) of akpu.

Set a few water to boil. The water have to be enough to cover the balls of akpu.
Put the uncooked cassava fufu in a bowl and knead together with your palms to combine the debris well. Add a few water as you accomplish that, a bit at a time. This is to make it bind together while you make the balls. Make sure it isn’t always too soft.
When satisfied, make medium balls of the akpu and set aside. If the akpu is simply too vulnerable to make balls, upload some cassava flour and blend properly. This is typically the case if you try and cook Cassava Fufu that you extracted from cassava tubers the identical day.
When the water boils, upload the lining to cover the inside of the pot. Then add the cassava fufu balls.
Cover the pot and cook dinner for five minutes. When you spot cracks at the balls, it approach it is prepared to be taken off for the first spherical of pounding.
Turn off the warmth. Transfer the balls of cassava fufu to a mortar and pound thoroughly to crush all the lumps. If the usage of a stand mixer, positioned it within the bowl and run it to combine the “dough”. When accomplished, the fufu will appearance white and easy and not using a lumps.
Mould them again and set aside. This time the moulds must be a bit flatter.
Top up the unique water and bring to a boil.
Add the moulds of fufu and cook dinner for any other 5 minutes. We cook dinner fufu twice because on the half of-done stage, the lumps are simpler to crush. If you attempt to cook dinner it immediately till finished, it’ll be impossible to crush the lumps and the fufu can be too soft.

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As you cook dinner it the primary time, you will be aware that the out of doors becomes too gentle whilst the inner maintains its original texture. If you retain cooking it without mixing both textures (pounding), the entire fufu will assume the out of doors soft/watery texture.
Pound again and it is carried out. A well done cassava fufu has an off-white shade. If it’s miles nearly gray, it means it is overcooked.