How To Decorate Cake

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How To Decorate Cake

Ingredients for the Birthday Cake
I baked desserts which I later joined to get one cake so the subsequent are the quantities of elements for every of the cakes.

500g/1.1 lbs. Plain Flour (all purpose flour)
8 Eggs
250g/0.Five lbs. Butter (NOT Margarine)
300g/0.7 lbs. Granulated Sugar
2 teaspoons of Baking Powder
2 caps Vanilla Extract
Ingredients for the Butter Icing (Butter Cream)
To be a part of the cake and cowl it, I used:

500g of butter
2 tablespoons top evaporated milk
1 cap vanilla extract
unknown quantity of icing sugar (powdered sugar).
I kept adding the powdered sugar until I got the thickness I wanted.

Ingredients for the second batch of Butter Icing (Butter Cream)
For the piping I “think” I used 750g of butter in total and added icing sugar until I was satisfied with the consistency.

I without a doubt did not measure it and there was so much going on that day that I did now not take notes. 😉 Anyway, this is not like my typical recipes because I am not certified to teach cake ornament. I just desired to proportion this to reveal my fellow people with the concern of cake decoration that sure, you can also do it!

I also used blue and purple meals colour to get the 3 colors (red, light blue and lilac) you see at the decorated cake.

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