September 25, 2023

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How to prepare Aniga


They are been differentiated by the things contains inside the Aniga
Aniga mpoto
Aniga nkiti

Aniga mpoto is been made with cocoyam leaves
While ordinary aniga is made with bitter leaves/saint leaves inside.

Aniga is one of the ancient food loved by Oko people, made of granded cocoyam and water yam, very sweet and delicious. If u have not tested it, you are missing a lot
it quenches hunger etc

Ingredients used in Aniga making
1 cocoyam
2 wateryam/ordinary yam
3 bitter leaves/saint
Leaves akwukwo
4 Bana leaves
Akwukwo unere
5 Rope Eriri
6 Water

Odo mortar
Nkwo aniga Grater
Fire wood/gass cooker

Peel the yam/water yam
Cut bana/plantain leaves, exposed it to mild fire for it to wilt.
Cutt bitter leaves,saint leaves or cocoyam leaves, remove the Bana leaves from the stem.
Cut rope, the long cream rope that is gotten from the stem of palm frond .

The making of the Aniga itself
Wash the cocoyam/wateryams t

thoroughly with enough water to avoid sand and dirt, same is applicable to the leaves to avoid sand.
Wash the mortar and grater very well
After that place the grater inside mortar and start grating the cocoyam/wateryam one by one on the grater. After that, use either your hand or well washed pestle to turn the mixture of cocoyam and water yam to become an even mixture.
Use the banana leaves to tie it to smaller sizes
Place the mixture on the banana leaves, place the bitter/saint/cocoyam leaves in between the mixture as you are placing it on the leaves bit by bit, tie the banana leaves which you placed the mixture with the rope.
Do it as many as till you are through.

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Put the Aniga inside pot, pour enough water, put it on fire. Cook for it for hours, two to three hours. Put it off the fire
Remove it from the pot and place inside plates.

(To make it easier, you know we are now in a modern age, cut the cocoyam/water yams into smaller pieces, take to machine to grind it for you, or you can use your hand to grind it with grinder, turn it as well and tie as directed above)
Removes the leaves
Allow it to cool
Cut it into smaller sizes as if you are cutting chin chin
Grand pepper, Mix oil, ogiri, efu etc together with the Aniga
Turn it well with spoon, add salt for taste.

Nowadays to makes it delicious
Some add garnished onions, vegetables, Maggi etc to it to give it another taste.