Prepare Kankaran Tsamiya

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The quantity of water you need for a given quantity of tamarinds depends on how concentrated you want your Kankaran Tsamiya.

  • Tamarind (tsamiya)
  • Lukewarm water


  • A container for freezing them. You can also use transparent plastic bags.
  • A fine sieve
  • A freezer

Peel and absorb the tamarinds in blood-warm water.
When soft, brew them up or rub in a clarify till you get a bland puree.abstract from the tamarind bake-apple (process starts at time 1:00). For best extraction, I abolish the seeds from the tamarind afore assimilation them.
Pour the mashed admixture through a accomplished sieve.
Pour the abstract into containers and abode in the freezer overnight. For the ones in the angel above, I acclimated affection shaped ice cube tray. I placed toothpicks in the cups of the ice cube tray afore freezing.
When absolutely frozen, abolish from the ice cube trays and lick immediately

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