June 2, 2023

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How to Prepare Nigerian Fried Beans

Nigerian Fried Beans is so delicious that even individuals who do no longer like beans revel in it! The closest Nigerian meal is Ewa Agoyin.

All you need to do is make certain that each single bean seed is well lined with palm oil. So add sufficient Palm OYEL to the meal. Palm oil is ideal for you! šŸ™‚

350g brown or black-eyed beans
2 Onions
three cooking spoons palm oil or greater
1 massive stock dice
Salt & Habanero pepper (to flavor)
Side Dish: Fried Plantains

Before you cookĀ 
I typically soak beans in cool water in a single day. This substantially reduces beans bloating and disillusioned stomach related to consuming beans.
The subsequent day, chop 1 onion into skinny slices, reduce the other one into 4 huge chunks then pound/grind the pepper.
Rinse the beans and put in a considerable pot. I rinse it two times.
Pre-prepare dinner the sliced onions with some drops of water to melt them a bit.

1.Set the pot of beans on the stove. Add the stock cube (overwhelmed) and the chunks of onion. Add enough water to cover the beans and start cooking. Cook the beans till very tender, including water when important. Always hold water to the identical degree as the beans so that by the time the beans is done, there’ll no longer be too much water in the pot.
Note: If you’ve got a stress cooker, use it to prepare dinner the beans till smooth. I typically use my strain cooker for beans but for this recipe, I decide on a everyday pot so that I may have extra manage, especially towards the give up.
2.When the beans is done, upload salt, leave to dry up all of the water and switch the beans to some other container.
Three.Now, set a dry easy pot on the range, pour the palm oil and heat it up until the oil melts (if congealed). Note which you need to handiest warmth it up, now not bleach the oil. You will recognize it is hot sufficient when a bit of onion dropped into the oil sizzles.
Four.Add the precooked onions and stir for a piece.
5.Add the ground Habanero pepper and stir until the entirety is heated up very well, at maximum 2 mins.
6.Add the beans and stir for approximately 2 mins. Add salt if necessary.
7.Cover and leave to simmer for about 2 minutes and it’s performed.
Serve with the Fried Plantains, Soaked Garri or bread.