June 2, 2023

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How to cook Ewa Agoyin


2 stogie containers (approx. 500g) dark colored/dark peered toward beans

5 cooking spoons red palm oil

5 major plum tomatoes

1 bunch crawfish

1 major onion

Pepper and Salt (to taste)

2 stock solid shapes

Before you cook Ewa Agoyin

Absorb the beans cool water for 5 hours. Heat up the beans for 5 minutes and dispose of the water. Wash the beans in chilly water and put aside. This drenching and pre-cooking procedure will help decrease the gas instigating components. For additional on that visit: How to Reduce Beans Bloating.

Hack the onions, granulate the crayfish and pound the pepper.

Mix the tomatoes and heat up the tomato puree till all the water has dried from it.

Pre-cook the diced onions with no additional water. The point is to motivate it to caramelize a bit with the goal that it will require less investment to completely caramelize amid searing.

Cooking Directions

1.Cook the beans till done. For Ewa Agoyin, the beans should be delicate.

Note: If you have a weight cooker, beans is one of the staple subtenances you will need to utilize it for. It significantly diminishes the cooking time.

2.When the beans is done, include salt, leave to evaporate with or without the water and set.

3.To cook the Agoyin, empty the oil into a different dry pot. Permit to warm up till the oil begins smoking and the red shading changes to clear. It is smarter to do this at medium warmth with the goal that the oil does not get excessively hot too rapidly. Make sure to kill your smoke caution before doing this. 🙂

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To downplay the smoke and still have the conventional taste of Ewa Agoyin, I utilize vegetable oil and when it is exceptionally hot, I include a little measure of palm oil. .

4.Now include the precooked onions and mix persistently till the onions is completely caramelized. It ought to be exceptionally dull in shading.

5.Add the parboiled tomato puree and mix persistently till you can’t differentiate between the tomatoes and onions.

6.Add the pepper, crawfish, stock 3D shapes and salt to taste. You can likewise include a little water now if your need.

7.Stir exceptionally well and convey to the bubble. The Ewa Agoyin is prepared!

Serve by dishing the beans into a plate and scoop some Agoyin stew on it. Ewa Agoyin can be eaten without anyone else, with delicate and stretchy bread (known as Ewa ati Bread) or with Fried Plantains.