May 30, 2023

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Prepare Lentils Porridge

Lentils are super vegetables. Because of their high fiber content, they keep sugar levels from quickly ascending after a dinner. They additionally help bring down cholesterol. So everybody ought to eat lentils not simply diabetics.

In this formula, I demonstrate how I cook lentils to such an extent that it tastes Nigerian.


600g lentils

1 cooking spoon red palm oil

1 little green pepper

2 carrots

2 red onion

Dark pepper (to taste)

1 major stock 3D shape

Salt (to taste)


Lentils are known as lentils wherever they are accessible in Nigeria. Search for them in huge stores.

The amounts of green pepper, carrots and red onions can be changed in accordance with your taste and how occupied or inadequate you need these fixings to show up in the feast.

Before you cook

Wash the lentils in a lot of cool water.

Wash and bones the green pepper and onions.

Rub, flush and bones the carrots.

Cooking Directions

Put the lentils in a pot, pour a liberal amount of water since lentils can assimilate loads of water.

Include the stock 3D square, dark pepper and begin cooking.

Note: If you have a weight cooker, utilize it to cook lentils on the grounds that since they require a significant stretch of time to cook with an ordinary pot.

At the point when the lentils are delicate, include the onions, carrots, palm oil and salt ans keep cooking.

When it warms up, include the green peppers. Cover and given it a chance to warm up once more.

When it warms up once more, mix and serve when it has chilled off to an agreeable temperature.

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Intend to have the lentils poridge somewhat watery in light of the fact that when it chills off to a confortable temperature, it winds up thicker.

You can serve it like that or with Fried Plantain.