May 27, 2023

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How to cook Moi Moi


I typically prepare dinner Moi Moi in a big amount and shop in my freezer so the subsequent portions of elements make 12 aluminium baggage of Moi Moi. Each bag weighs 420g.

Three cigar cups or 750g Beans (Brown/Black eyed)
five tablespoons ground crayfish
four large stock cubes
1 habanero pepper
2 teaspoons floor nutmeg
three tatashe peppers or 800g watery tomato puree (sold outdoor Nigeria)
2 huge onions
20cl vegetable oil
2 litres of cool or warm water
Salt (to taste)

Add any of the following to the Moi Moi

Hard boiled eggs: Cut the eggs into small pieces.
Bone Marrow: Cook the bone marrow with spices and herbs till finished then add to the Moi Moi at the mixing degree.
Corned red meat: separate into small chunks and add to the moi moi all through mixing. You can also add to the moi moi after dishing then into cooking bowls or foil luggage.
Moi Moi Containers
Aluminium foil or
Plastic Bowls or
Uma Leaves (Thaumatococcus Daniellii)
Jacket Moi Moi
Tools I used
Deep Pot
Chopping board

Notes on the ingredients
The tomato puree gives the Moi Moi its conventional peachy colour. If you’re in Nigeria, the quality ingredient to apply is tatashe pepper. I do no longer just like the flavor of crimson bell peppers in my Moi Moi therefore I do not recommend it but you may try it and spot if you like it.
Nutmeg offers the Moi Moi its traditional taste. If you have ever eaten Nigerian Moi Moi at a celebration and questioned why it tastes higher than those you’re making, it might be because you do not add nutmeg in your Moi Moi.
2 litres of water is the precise amount of water that gives me the precise texture of Moi Moi that I and my family love. Please note that this qauntity consists of the water utilized in blending the beans. If the usage of bone marrow, the quantity of stock should be part of the 2 litres of liquid you will use in blending the Moi Moi. If after the use of this quantity and you are not glad with the texture, modify the quantity of water thus.
It is pleasant to apply cool or heat water whilst mixing Moi Moi. You do not need to apply hot water for this motive as it could purpose the mix to be lumpy.
Using the proper amount of oil to your Moi Moi ensures that it has a terrific texture and rolls off the tongue whilst you consume it however feel loose to apply any amount of oil you need. And it’s miles advisable to use tastless and odourless oils for your Moi Moi so that guidelines out olive oil.

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Before you cook Moi Moi
About three hours earlier than cooking the moi moi, soak and wash the beans to remove the coat. When the complete coat has been removed, location the beans in a bowl and pour sufficient water to cowl it. Leave to soak for three hours. This is so that the nice consistency may be executed when you combination the beans.
It is really useful to apply one of eggs, bone marrow or corned beef, not the 3 at the equal time. If you will use eggs, cook till hard boiled, cut into small portions and set apart. If you pick bone marrow, cook dinner it with salt and Maggi / Knorr cubes and set apart the inventory. If it’s far corned beef you’ll cross for, open the can and separate the beef into small lumps.
Now go beforehand and put together the moi moi bins.
Next …

Wash the tatashe pepper (if using it). Ensure you eliminate the tatashe seeds as they have a propensity to give meals a bitter taste.
Cut the onions into pieces, grind the crayfish with a dry mill. If the usage of the heavy duty grinder in Nigerian markets, those might not be important.
Crush the inventory cubes and set aside. Wash the habanero/scotch bonnet peppers and set aside.
Now that the beans is soaked (the bean seed is gentle whilst you pinch it), it is time to combination it. It could be very crucial that you use a very good blender for this cause. The flavor and feel of your Moi Moi depends a lot at the consistency of the blend. If in doubt, positioned a small quantity of bean seeds in your own home blender and grind to the first-class of its capability using as small quantity of water as possible. Feel the resulting paste along with your arms and in case you observe any tiny portions in any respect, then the blender isn’t always good for Moi Moi. At this time, you may bear in mind the use of the commercial heavy obligation mills at your local market if you are in Nigeria. Yes, you have your health and hygiene concerns however most of the mill operators without a doubt preserve their turbines smooth. And they permit you to deliver your very own water and packing containers. So there you pass!

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Cooking Directions
1.Blend the beans, tatashe or tomato puree, onions, crayfish, habanero pepper and floor nutmeg together with a number of the water and pour the mixture into a large enough bowl.
2.Add the vegetable oil and the bone marrow inventory (if this is what you’ve got chosen to add on your moi moi).
3.Slowly upload the closing water and stir the mixture on the identical time until you get a terrific blend of all the ingredients.
4.Add salt to flavor and stir very well.

Note: Moi Moi is one of the Nigerian food recipes that is ready cold. All the mixing and adding of ingredients is completed off the stove. That is to mention, when you begin cooking, there is no going returned! You can not decide to feature greater salt or seasoning or a brand new ingredient later. So getting it proper at the mixing degree is very important.

5.Pad the base of a massive pot, pour some water and set at the range. The intensity of the water ought to be at maximum 1 inch.
6.Dish the Moi moi blend into boxes of your preference, upload egg/bone marrow/corned beef to each field, seal/cowl and set them in the pot.
7.Add as small amount of water as possible at a time even as cooking the Moi Moi as unique in training and use of moi moi bins in order that the moi moi will no longer become watery while completed. This is the case especially when the use of aluminium foil or uma leaves.
8The period of time you may cook dinner your Moi Moi depends on the amount and the Moi Moi field you used.
The Moi Moi that gets done quickest is the only wrapped in Uma or Banana leaves, followed by way of Moi Moi wrapped in aluminum foils then the one that takes the most time is Moi Moi cooked in aluminium or plastic plates.
But something Moi Moi box you operate, it’s miles really useful to prepare dinner your Moi Moi for at the least 1 hour, before checking it. Confirm that it is achieved via putting a knife thru it, if the knife is stained with Moi Moi paste, then the Moi Moi isn’t finished, but if the knife simply has a mild smear of Moi Moi, then it’s performed. Also, whilst you cut thru the Moi Moi, the insides will be set and now not watery.
If you are cooking a few wraps of Moi Moi in a small pot on high warmth, then it’ll best take about 45 minutes to get accomplished at the same time as while you are cooking a big pot of Moi Moi, it’s going to clearly take more than one hour.
Serve with chilled fruit juice or coconut juice. You can also serve with Peppered Fish and as a facet dish to Jollof Rice, Fried Rice or Fried Plantains. For breakfast, serve with Custard or Akamu (Pap, Ogi).