April 2, 2023

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How To Cook Gbegiri Soup

150g Black Eyed or Brown Beans
1 small smoked Mackerel/Titus
1 tablespoon floor crayfish
1 huge inventory dice
1 cooking spoon palm oil
Pepper and salt (to taste)


Before you cook Gbegiri Soup

Ensure you have a few Beef & Chicken Stew because the red meat for the Gbegiri Soup comes from this stew.
Remove the beans coat and soak the beans for approximately 3 hours. This soaking makes the beans smooth in order that it cooks in less time. This way there will be no need to use potash to cook the beans. If you are using peeled and dried beans, you may want to soak it overnight.
Prepare different ingredients: pound/blitz the pepper and grind the crayfish.

1.Put the peeled and soaked beans right into a huge pot. Pour water to cover the beans and begin cooking at medium heat

.2.While the beans is cooking, prepare the Ewedu Soup that’s used to consume the Gbegiri Soup.

3.Cook the beans till they turn out to be so smooth that it nearly melts when you mash it with your fingers. This takes approximately 1 hour. You will want to top up the water once in a while however ensure the water is always on the same stage because the beans. This ensures which you have just the proper quantity of water inside the soup while the beans is carried out.

4.When the beans is nicely finished and gentle, combination it. It isn’t advisable to combo hot food in blenders with plastic jugs so if your blender has a plastic jug, seive the gentle beans with a sieve that has a mire mesh.
Five.Pour the beans right into a pot and set again on the stove, add the smoked fish, salt, pepper, crayfish, inventory dice and palm oil.

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6.Cover the pot and cook dinner at low heat for approximately 5 mins or until the oil blends with the relaxation of the ingredients. This is when the oil adjustments from purple to yellow.

7.Stir now and again so it does not burn.

8.That’s it! The Gbegiri Soup is achieved.
Dish the soup with Ewedu Soup, get the beef from your Beef & Chicken Stew and eat with Amala or another Nigerian fufu meal.