June 2, 2023

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Yam and Vegetable Sauce

1kg (2.2 lbs) white puna yam
200g Nigerian pumpkin leaves
Palm oil
200g ukpaka (shredded oil bean seeds)
Ogiri Igbo (castor bean paste)
1 Habanero/Scotch Bonnet pepper or to taste

Puna yam is sweet and starchy and is the yam we use for maximum Nigerian yam recipes.
The pumpkin leaves said above aren’t halloween pumpkin leaves. they’re Nigerian pumpkin leaves: Telfairia occidentalis. in case you do now not have those, use spinach.
upload palm oil until you get the consistency you like. For the actual taste palm oil may be very important to this recipe, vegetable oil or any other oil can’t be used as alternative.
Ogiri Igbo offers the sauce the very traditional flavor. if you do no longer have it, use stock cubes.
earlier than you put together the Ji Abubo
Wash the yam thoroughly with masses of water and a sponge. Do not peel the yam.
Slice into desired sizes and styles for example the half-moon slices.
Rinse the ukpaka and location in a foil bag or plastic bag. My grandma uses leaves to wrap the ukpaka.
Wash the vegetables and tie them up with strings.

Boil the yam, vegetable and ukpaka
positioned the yam pieces in a pot and pour water to cowl the yams.
region the tied greens and ukpaka on top and prepare dinner until the ukpaka and veggies are gentle.
retain cooking the yam if now not finished.
Make the vegetable sauce
Pound the habanero pepper in a mortar until easy.
while the ukpaka and pumpkin leaves are tender (from step 2 above), pound them inside the identical mortar one after the alternative till they’re as smooth as viable.
upload palm oil to the combo till you get a consistency you want and blend thoroughly.
upload salt and ogiri Igbo in your taste and blend with the pestle until the whole thing is well included.
Dish in a serving bowl and set aside.