June 3, 2023

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How to prepare Akamu [Pap]

You will need:
1.5kg dry corn
Lots of water

Chiffon material: for setting apart the moist corn starch (akamu/ogi/pap) from the chaff.
Blender: I used Palson with 600W.
Muslin bag: Any tightly woven cotton, calico or canvass cloth whose weaves do now not shift is exceptional for this. You could make yours at domestic when you have a stitching machine and realize how to sew. In Nigeria, salt used to come in muslin baggage, in case you still have such bags, it’s miles best for this. You want to wash it properly earlier than use as salt is akamu’s worst enemy.
Big and small bowls.

Notes on the elements
I were given approximately 1.2kg akamu from the 1.5kg dry corn.
The corn ought to be dry. Fresh corn can’t form the proper kind of starch for making akamu/ogi/pap.
We use yellow dry corn for making yellow akamu and white (off-white) corn for making white akamu.
You will want lots of water for soaking, washing and seiving the corn.

Never permit salt are available contact with the corn, water and utensils you may use to system the akamu due to the fact while that occurs, the akamu will now not thicken when you put together it with warm water.

Wash the dry corn very well and soak in a generous quantity of bloodless water for three to 4 days. Do now not refrigerate it because it’s miles essential that a few form of fermentation takes area.
Wash the corn and change the water every day.
On the third or 4th day, wash and blend until easy. I say 3rd or 4th due to the fact some corns turn out to be tender enough to be combined by means of the third day. Bite into it to check, if now not soak for one greater day. Add a beneficiant amount of water to assist your blender. In Nigeria, heavy obligation grinders are used for this motive.
Drape the chiffon fabric over a massive bowl and tie it up. The bowl have to be large enough to deal with the ogi and the water you may use to rinse it and then a few.
Sieve the combination rinsing as essential until you’re left with most effective the chaff. It is really helpful to rinse small quantities of the corn combo at a time so that you will not be beaten.
When you’ve got rinsed all the corn combination, combo the chaff and rinse again in case you suppose you may get extra akamu from it. This may be the case if you used a kitchen blender. This won’t be necessary in case you used the heavy duty grinders in Nigerian markets.
When carried out, take off the chiffon cloth and set the mixture of water and akamu apart to accept as a minimum three hours.
After about 3 hours or while you notice that the water is clear, decant the clear water and pour the rest of the mixture into the muslin bag.
Tie the bag and maintain it in this kind of manner as to permit the water drain from the ogi.
When you note that the water has tired off, tie the bag tighter and leave to continue draining the water. Repeat the method because the water drains until no extra water drains off.
Tie the bag for the final time and region a few weights on it to squeeze out the last hint of water.
Leave it like this overnight so that the akamu will have the traditional sour flavor. Again, do no longer refrigerate it.
The next day, bring out the akamu from the bag, cut it up into single-use chunks, area in bins (bowls or plastic baggage) and installed your freezer till you are equipped to use it.