May 29, 2023

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How To Cook White Moi Moi (Ekuru) and Stew


For 4 medium wraps of White Moi, you will require:

For the White Moi

360g dark looked at or darker beans

1 little onion

1 major stock 3D square

Salt (to taste)

600mls tepid water

2 cooking spoons vegetable oil (discretionary)

For the stew

250mls Tomato Stew

2 little smoked mackerels

1 little onion

1 little stock 3D square

Salt and Habanero pepper (to taste)

1 teaspoon nutmeg

White Moi Containers

Aluminum thwart or

Plastic Bowls or

Uma Leaves (Thaumatococcus Daniellii)





Note about the ingredients

The activity of the vegetable oil is to help the Moi leave the compartment effectively when done.

Before you cook White Moi

Around three hours previously cooking the moi, douse and strip the beans.

At the point when finished with stage 1, put the stripped beans in a bowl and pour enough water to cover it. Leave to douse for three hours. This is so the best consistency will be accomplished when you mix the beans.

Get ready Tomato Stew on the off chance that you don’t have a few.

Set up the moi holders.

Set up some Smoked Fish and break into huge pieces.

Pound/granulate the pepper.

Cut the onions into little pieces.

Smash the stock 3D squares.

Cooking Directions: The White Moi

Mix the beans with the onions and smashed stock 3D squares and fill a major enough bowl. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that the aggregate amount of water to be utilized (for mixing and blending) ought to be 600 mls.

Include the vegetable oil (if utilizing it) and mix.

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Gradually include the rest of the water and blend the blend in the meantime till you get a decent blend of the considerable number of ingredients.

Add salt to taste and blend exceptionally well.

Set some water in a pot to bubble. The water ought to be around 1 cm profound.

At the point when the water bubbles, include some cushioning that will be a base for the Moi wraps.

Scoop the Moi blend into your compartment of decision and tenderly place in the pot of bubbling water.

Rehash stage 7 for whatever is left of the Moi blend.

Whenever done, cover the wraps with a few leaves or a plastic sack to keep the warmth in.

Cover the pot and begin cooking on medium warmth.

Check it now and again and include little amounts of water when important.

The time allotment you will cook your Moi relies upon the amount and the Moi holder you utilized.

The Moi that completes speediest is the one enveloped by Uma or Banana leaves, trailed by Moi enclosed by aluminum thwarts then the one that takes the most time is Moi cooked in aluminum or plastic plates.

Be that as it may, whatever Moi holder you utilize, it is prudent to cook your Moi for somewhere around 60 minutes, before checking it. Affirm that it is finished by putting a blade through it, if the blade is recolored with Moi glue, at that point the Moi isn’t done, yet on the off chance that the blade simply has a slight smear of Moi, at that point it’s finished. Additionally, when you slice through the Moi, the inner parts will be set and not watery.

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In the event that you are cooking a couple of wraps of Moi in a little pot on high warmth, at that point it will just take around 45 minutes to complete while when you are cooking an expansive pot of Moi, it will take over 60 minutes.

Cooking Directions: The Stew

You can eat white Moi with any tomato based stew, ensure the stew is prepared with no less than one customary ingredients: smoked fish, iru, crayfish. This is the means by which I set up mine and it is so heavenly, runs extremely well with the beans.

Put the lumps of fish in a perfect pot.

Include the onions, some water, stock solid shape, pepper and nutmeg. Mix and begin cooking.

When it bubbles, include the tomato stew.

Cover and leave to stew and it’s finished!

Present with the stew or skirt the stew and serve the White Moi with a chilled soda.