June 2, 2023

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How to prepare Peppered Gizzards

500g (1.1 lbs) chook gizzards
three habanero peppers (or on your taste)
1 teaspoon thyme
Salt (to flavor)
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 medium onions
1 massive stock dice

Notes at the substances
500g gave me about 20 gizzards. The gizzards I see in which I live are pretty small compared to the gizzards in Nigerian chickens lol.
Be careful with the quantity of seasoning you add to gizzards. They can without difficulty get overseasoned and taste salty because the meat does no longer absorb a great deal of the components.

Before you prepare Peppered Gizzards
Ensure that the inner skins of the gizzards are peeled off, then wash and vicinity them in a pot.
Cut the onions into big chunks.
Pound or blitz the peppers (no water).
Marinate the gizzards with the seasonings in case you need. I do no longer marinate gizzards as it does not make any distinction. Gizzards have a rubbery texture so the marinade does now not surely penetrate the beef. For me, it is just like looking to marinate shaki or kidney.

Making the Peppered Gizzards
Add the inventory cube, the thyme and large chunks of onions into the gizzards. If you marinated them, just upload the onions.
Pour water to simply underneath the level of the gizzards and begin cooking at medium warmness. This amount of water will dry up by the point the gizzards are nicely completed.
When the gizzards are well carried out, cast off the big chunks of onions.
Increase the warmth to high and stir constantly till all of the closing liquid within the pot is absorbed. You don’t need to lose any flavour by using pouring away the gizzard stock.
Add salt to taste and stir very well.
Lay the gizzards flat in a baking bowl.
Grill in an oven at a hundred and seventy°C or 338°F till the top side is dry and brown. Turn them and grill the bottom too until dry and brown. If you do not have an oven, just deep-fry them.
Heat the vegetable oil in any other pot.
Add the pepper and the grilled/deep-fried gizzards.
Stir very well until the pepper is evenly allotted on the gizzards. The vegetable oil guarantees that this takes place and gives the grilled gizzards a pleasing glow.
That’s it! Insert toothpicks and serve.