June 6, 2023

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How to Make Coconut Flour Pancake

three tablespoons coconut flour
three eggs (handiest the egg whites)
Habanero pepper (to taste and optionally available)
Onions (to taste and non-compulsory)
Vegetable oil (for frying)

5 tablespoons evaporated milk (Peak Milk)
2 teaspoons icing sugar (powdered sugar)
1 teaspoon virgin coconut oil
Salt (to your flavor)

Add the virgin coconut oil into a bowl.
Add the icing sugar and the egg whites. Use a hand mixer or an egg whisk to beat the substances till the egg whites foam.
Add the coconut flour, salt and the height milk. Mix with the hand mixer until everything is well mixed.
Add the onions and habanero pepper and mix with a spatula.
Set a frying pan over low warmness. Add a few drops of vegetable oil, just sufficient to lubricate the frying pan.
When moderately warm, pour a few coconut flour pancake batter into the frying pan and patiently await it to cake.
When the underside is light brown, gently turn the pancake to fry the other facet too.
The coconut flour pancake is performed while both sides are mild brown.

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