September 22, 2023

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Prepare: Kunun Aya

600g soaked Tiger Nuts (475g dry Tiger Nuts)
1.5 litres bloodless water
Other substances you can upload to it
Tiger Nuts Drink is an aphrodisiac, you’ll need some strength to “perform” after drinking it, so add the following while blending:

Dates (Dabino in Hausa)
Click here to discover ways to make the Nigerian Aphrodisiac version.

Even more ingredients!
To make it medicinal, upload:


To combination it, you’ll want a kitchen blender. My blender has 600W electricity and it did a brilliant job of mixing the soaked nuts.
To stress it you will need a chiffon material or ladies stocking/tights (pantyhose with out the panty).
Other names for Tiger Nuts
Aki Awusa in Igbo
Aya in Hausa
Isip Isong in Efik/Ibibio
Ofio in Yoruba
Hausa Groundnut in Pidgin
Keegun in Okun
Chufas in Spanish
Check out this Facebook page beneath for more names of Tiger Nuts in other languages.

Benefits of Tiger Nuts
Tigernut oil is used within the beauty industry. As it is antidioxide (due to its excessive content material in nutrition E) it facilitates gradual down the growing old of the body cells. It favours the pliancy of the skin and reduces skin wrinkles.
It supplies the frame with sufficient quantity of Vitamin E, very critical for fertility in both ladies and men.
See greater health benefits of tiger nuts here.

Soak the very dry nuts in a beneficiant quantity of cold water for 2 days. Keep it inside the fridge during the soaking so that the nuts do now not ferment. Most tiger nuts offered in Nigeria are sparkling and nicely hydrated so you’ll only need to soak those ones for some hours or overnight.
After the soaking, wash the nuts thoroughly and sort out the awful ones.
Put them to your kitchen blender and pour just sufficient water to assist the blades move. We want to make this milk as concentrated and attractive as possible, you can add more water later in case you wish.
At this time you could upload different components: coconut, sugar, ginger and other flavours of your desire and mix them collectively. I choose anything I consume/drink as herbal as feasible so I do not add any other factor to this drink. The natural taste of Tiger Nut Milk is so super, you do not want to modify it at all.
After blending, use a chiffon cloth or girls stocking (pantyhose) to separate the chaff from the drink. Of course, the pantyhose must be latest, very well washed with dish washing liquid.
Press the stocking to make certain you squeeze out all the milk from the chaff.
Put the dry chaff returned in the blender, upload more water and mix again. Then pressure with the chiffon material.
Repeat the procedure until all the milk has been extracted. I found that the milk I got the third time changed into too watery. So 2 times ought to be enough and keep an eye on the amount of water. As a manual, I were given 1.5 litres of tiger nut milk from 600g of soaked tiger nuts. Yours can also vary.
Pour the extracted milk into bottles and keep inside the fridge for up to three days. It need to remaining longer within the freezer.