May 28, 2023

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Nigerian Chapman Drink

The following are what I used for 2 classic dimpled mugs of chapman: one for me, one for hubby 😉 angostura bitters

½ cup Grenadine Syrup
A few dashes of Angostura Aromatic Bitters™
35 cl Fanta Orange
35 cl Sprite
½ an Orange
½ a lemon
Ice cubes
Optional Ingredient:
Ribena™ Blackcurrant
To garnish:
Feel unfastened to feature any citrus and other end result of your choice: cucumber, strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, even bananas. I used the subsequent:

½ an orange
½ a lemon
½ a cucumber

Notes on the Ingredients 
Grenadine Syrup gives the drink its conventional crimson colour. You can purchase this at your local grocery store or on Amazon web sites as indexed below. If you can’t find Grenadine Syrup, you can use purple currant (extract the juice) or pomegranate but these do not supply the drink the same taste.
Ribena concentrated blackcurrant provides to the pink colour and offers the drink a sweetened taste however it’s miles elective. Concentrated Ribena blackcurrant is without difficulty to be had in Nigeria and your neighborhood supermarkets anywhere inside the global.
You could make your ice cubes with a aggregate of the Fanta and the Sprite. This is in order that your drink does not cross flat as is the case whilst the ice cubes are made with water.
Even even though the Nigerian chapman incorporates a totally small quantity of alcohol, I realize there are people who will want to make a model that does not comprise any hint of alcohol. If you need to make that, you could pass the Angostura Bitters however I warn you, the Nigerian Chapman will no longer be the equal without Angostura Bitters. 🙂
Wondering different recipes you can use the final Angostura Bitters for? You can use it in cookies, desserts, ice cream, salads and different cocktail liquids. Or you can just keep it and use for Chapman, it does now not expire in a rush.
You should buy Angostura Bitters from all huge food and beverages stores in Nigeria, in your nearby superb markets and on Amazon websites.
Where to shop for the “special” elements in UK

Before making the Chapman
Make the ice cubes both with water or a combination of the fanta and the sprite.
Make certain the Grenadine Syrup, Fanta and Sprite are chilling in the refrigerator.
Cut the orange and the lemon into equal components each then reduce one half of of every into skinny quarters. Reserve the alternative halves for squeezing into the drink.

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Put some ice cubes inside the mugs.
Add half a cup of the Grenadine Syrup, this must be approximately one 1/3 of the dimpled mug.
Add some dashes of Angostura Bitters (for your flavor).
Add a squeeze of orange and lemon each.
Share the Fanta similarly between the 2 mugs, do the same for the Sprite. Remember to go away some area because the garnishings will take up their very own volume.
Add your sliced garnishings: cucumber, orange and lemons. This listing is going on and on, a few human beings even add bananas to theirs 🙂
Top off with Ribena blackcurrant if you have it.
Stir with the straws and it is prepared for consuming!