June 2, 2023

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Below are  the quantities of quantities  you need  to make a Club Sandwich for one individual. Don’t hesitate to increase the quantities.

4 cuts of bread (least)

1 egg (hardboiled)

1 crisp plum (tomato Jos)

1 medium carrot

¼ little cabbage

2 bits of Sardine

1 tablespoon margarine/spread

2 tablespoons Mayonnaise

Readiness of Club Sandwich

Wash every one of the vegetables extremely well.

Rub the carrot and expel the seeds from the tomato.

Mesh the carrot and cabbage utilizing the little openings of a grater .

Cut the tomato into extremely minor pieces.

Cut the hardboiled egg into minor pieces.

Add the mayonnaise to the carrot, tomato, egg and cabbage. Blend well and put aside.

In a different plate, crush the sardine with a fork and blend with the margarine. Try not to stress on the off chance that you don’t care for the smell of sardines, the margarine decreases the solid smell.

Utilizing a bread cut, remove the dried up closures from the cuts of bread.

Take one cut of bread, spread the margarine and sardine blend on one side of it and cover with the second cut of bread.

Rehash the above advance with the staying two cuts. At this point you ought to have two separate cuts of bread that are stuck together by the margarine and sardine blend.

club sandwich previously spread

Presently, take the initial 2 cuts, rub the carrot, cabbage, tomato, egg and mayonnaise blend on one side of it and cover with the other two cuts.

At this point, every one of the cuts of bread ought to be stuck together with 2 fillings of the sardine and margarine blend and 1 filling of the mayonnaise blend in the center .

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club sandwich second spread

Cut the sandwich into wanted shapes and sizes.