May 31, 2023

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How to prepare Noodles


Wash and cut the inexperienced pepper and carrot into small pieces.
Wash and cook dinner the chunks of red meat or chicken till executed.
Before commencing the percent of noodles, split the noodles in portions.
Put the noodle pieces within the pot containing the cooked beef and upload the spice that includes the noodle.
Pour water to the identical stage because the contents of the pot.
Cover the pot and set to prepare dinner at medium warmth.
When the contents start boiling, upload the diced carrots and green pepper.
Add the Olive / vegetable oil.
Cover and depart to continue cooking till the water is sort of dry. Do no longer allow all the water to dry up due to the fact this causes the noodle to emerge as too dry when it has cooled down.
Some children do no longer like the flavor of inexperienced pepper, this could be taken off the components list. The aim of kids recipes is to prepare dinner some thing that your youngsters will like.

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