June 2, 2023

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How to Prepare Moi Moi with Aluminium Foil

There is a chunk of labor to be accomplished in making the aluminium foil bags for Moi Moi. I try this even days before I prepare dinner the Moi Moi.

1.Cut the foil in portions depending on the size of bag you want to make.
2.Fold the open edges to make a flat bag, leaving one give up open. It is continually recommended to double the pieces of aluminium foil when making the luggage. This ensures the baggage do no longer burst in the course of cooking due to excessive warmness.

To use the aluminium foil bags:

1.Mix the Nigerian Moi Moi.
2.Scoop a few moi moi blend into the aluminium foil bag through the open stop of the bag. Just as within the case of bowls, it’s miles recommended to keep the contents most effective up to 1/2 of the folded aluminium bag. This is due to the fact moi moi rises for the duration of cooking. If the bag is filled to the brim, it’s going to burst during cooking with the contents flowing into the pot and making a large number.
3.When you’re happy with the amount, fold the open give up of the aluminium bag and location the bag in a padded pot. Padding need to be placed at the base of the cooking pot used in cooking moi moi that is wrapped in aluminium foils. Placing the baggage of aluminium foils immediately within the pot will reason the baggage at the base to burst because of intense warmth.
4.The baggage of moi moi have to be placed right into a pot of boiling water and no longer bloodless water. This is in order that the contents will set almost right away thereby stopping unintended leakage.