June 2, 2023

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How to Prepare Coconut Candy


  • 1 head fresh coconut with the juice
  • 200g icing sugar (powdered sugar)
  • Water

Before you Prepare

Pour the coconut juice into the pot.
Add the icing sugar (powdered sugar). Stir.
Add the tiny coconut portions and stir.
Add water to the identical level as the coconut portions.
Cover the pot and set to boil at excessive warmth.
Once the contents start boiling, stir constantly until all the water is just about evaporated.
Reduce to low warmth and retain stirring.
At a time, you will word that the contents have started out sticking collectively. That is the sugar caramelizing.
Keep stirring until the coconut portions start turning slightly brown.
Turn off the warmth and scoop the particularly warm coconut candy onto a flat plate and leave to quiet down.


The coconut candy must be sticky when bloodless. It ought to now not be dry.
You can keep it in the freezer for as much as a month.
This is meant to be a completely sweet snack this is why all that sugar is used within the training however sense unfastened to lessen the quantity of sugar.
The caramel from the sugar may be tough to clean off the pot when it has cooled down. The first-class manner to wash this off very hot water as soon as you are performed with making the snack.

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