How to prepare Ayaraya Ji

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How to prepare Ayaraya Ji


1. 4 cups of pigeon peas (ogamgam is the sort that doesn’t set aside much effort to cook. See picture)

2. Half tuber of good, old yam (Ji ohuru or new yam isn’t useful for this dinner since it is disgusting)

3. One tablespoonful of Uziza

4. Little blend of Ose Nsukka (Yellow pepper) and Otanjere (Nsukka red pepper) or any pepper

5.  One huge bulb of Onion

6. Ukpaka or Ugba – Made from Oil bean, destroyed. I utilize the all around matured one to draw out the smell in the sustenance. It’s not fitting to utilize the unfermented akpaka as this may include its severe preference for the nourishment. The matured one is typically extremely delicate and overflowing.

7.  Salt to taste

8. One stock 3D shape (I utilized just 1 3D square. I neglected to evacuate one preceding snapping)

9. Two milk cups of new red palm oil


1. De-stone the fio-fio (pigeon peas) and pour in a pot of bubbling water

2. Cook until delicate, yet not soaked (see picture)

3. Cut your yam into pieces and spot over the bubbling fio-fio before it at last gets cooked, so the water cooks the yam. Now, you can include salt by sprinkling it over the yam so it enters the yam down to the beans. Try not to include all the salt required for the cooking as you should include salt when setting up the sauce

4. At the point when the peas and yam are done, saved and after that crush the yam in a mortar. Try not to squash much so the yam wouldn’t go to beat yam. A few people use blade to cut the yam into pieces, however utilizing mortar and pestle is great, giving it the neighborhood impact required.

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5. To set up the sauce, cut the onions into minor pieces as though you are getting ready stew and them granulate the chunks of pepper and somewhat more onions together.

6. Pound the uziza too.

7. Spot a dry pot on the burner and include the palm oil

8. Following 1 minute, include the onions. We include the onions quickly so as not to permit the palm oil to fade as it influences the taste and shade of the dish.

9. Include the grounded pepper and onions following 2 minutes, include the uziza

10. Presently you can include the stock 3D shape and mix.

11. Include somewhat salt, remembering the at first added salt to the pigeon peas and yam.

12. Include the ukpaka/ugba/oil bean

13. Pour the squashed yam and pigeon peas to the oil sauce

14. Utilize wooden spoon to combine until the sauce is uniformly conveyed and you have your ayaraya prepared to eat!

I trust you attempt this at home. Kindly do and give us your input!

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