May 29, 2023

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How To Make Zobo Drink

The following are what I used to make five litres of Zobo drink. You can get more with the same amount of substances relying at the concentration you need. If you will be the usage of synthetic flavours, you need to add greater water. Dry zobo leaves

2 De Rica* cups of dry Zobo leaves
1 glove of garlic
1 large piece of ginger
1 big very ripe pineapple
Enough water

* In Nigeria, while we use up the tomato paste inside the 850g tin of any logo of tomato paste, we wash the tin and use it for measuring food objects and ingredients. This measuring cup is fondly known as De Rica cup due to the fact it’s miles the maximum popular brand of tomato paste. 🙂

To garnish:
Feel unfastened to feature any sliced citrus culmination of your desire: orange, lemon, lime.

Before you make the Zobo 
Wash the dry Zobo leaves repeatedly in bloodless water. Zobo leaves are commonly very dusty so make sure you wash off all the dirt. It will look like all of the flavours/coloration of the zobo are being washed off but don’t worry, you may see that the dry zobo leaves still have a variety of the coloration intact whilst you start boiling it.
Wash, peel and cut the pineapple into skinny slices. Some humans add the peel of the pineapple whilst making the zobo drink but I do not try this easy due to the fact I constantly think that dirt is caught inside the peels of pineapples 🙂
Peel and cut the ginger and garlic into tiny portions.

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Put the washed zobo leaves into a deep pot.
Add the pineapples and pour sufficient water to cover the contents of the pot and then some.
Start cooking at medium to high heat and allow it boil for five mins.
Add the ginger and the garlic, upload more water and maintain boiling for as a minimum 30 minutes. This is the time it’ll take for the zobo leaves to be absolutely gentle and the pineapples tender.
Turn off the heat and set apart to quiet down completely.
When cool, wringe out the juice from the pineapples and zobo leaves, leaving handiest the zobo juice in the pot.
Pour the juice through a sieve to take out the ultimate big debris then pour it through a chiffon fabric to eliminate the tiniest debris.
Add any synthetic flavours of your desire right now and stir.
Pour into bottles and refrigerate.