September 21, 2023

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How To Make Strawberry Milkshake

You can mixture the following in any proportions and give you a scrumptious strawberry milkshake.

Strawberries (very ripe ones)
Whole milk
Vanilla ice cream (non-obligatory)
Greek-fashion yoghurt (elective)

I listed vanilla ice cream and Greek-style yoghurt as optionally available due to the fact all you need to make a strawberry milkshake are the strawberries and the complete milk. But these other 2 ingredients make the milkshake thicker and greater scrumptious. I both use vanilla ice cream or the Greek yoghurt, I by no means upload the two at the identical time. But you may if you wish.
Please observe that the milk used right here is whole milk and no longer evaporated milk. You should buy entire milk from any massive grocery store everywhere in the world. Some poeple use skimmed and semi skimmed milk but those do now not make creamy milkshakes.
Strawberries while in season, are available in Nigeria (in Shoprite, SPAR) and supermarkets all around the world.
Greek-style yoghurt is likewise available in primary supermarkets everywhere in the international.
Important kitchen system you need:
To blend it, you may want a kitchen blender. Any blender with not less than 500W can do an awesome activity of this.

Wash, trim and reduce the strawberries into small pieces and region on your blender.
Scoop some vanilla ice cream or Greek-fashion yoghurt (in case you are the use of any of these) into the blender.
Turn on the blender and start pouring the whole milk via the peep hole of the blender cowl till you are happy with the thickness of your milkshake.
Serve on its personal, with cookies or with entire strawberries.