June 8, 2023

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How To fry Plantain Chips


  • Ripe/Unripe Plantain
  • Vegetable Oil: enough for deep frying.
  • Salt to taste

Before you fry the plantain
Wash and peel the plantains.
Thinly slice the plantains right into a bowl of water. It is really helpful to use a vegetable slicer to slice the plantains. The water facilitates save you the plantain slices from converting shade.
When accomplished, add salt to flavor and stir.
Transfer the plantain slices to a sieve to drain the water.

Heat a few vegetable oil until hot.
Put the slices of plantain into the oil in any such manner that they’re no longer caught together. .
Stir until the plantains are vivid yellow and crunchy. If the usage of ripe plantains, they will be deep yellow.
Transfer the plantain slices to a sieve covered with paper towels.
Store in air-tight packing containers when they have cooled down completely and munch away each time you want.

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