September 23, 2023

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How to Cook Fried Fish Stew


800 mls Tomato Stew
1 large Mackerel (a.Okay.A. Titus in Nigeria)
2 teaspoons thyme
2 medium onions
1 huge stock dice or boullion cube
1 habanero pepper (Atarodo, Ose Oyibo, Atarugu)
Salt (to taste)

important notes 
Tomato Stew is sparkling puree tomato and the tinned tomato paste that has been boiled and fried in vegetable oil to cast off all traces of water and the sour taste of tomatoes. It’s far the lowest stew for all Nigerian purple Stews and Jollof Rice recipes. This isn’t always uncooked tomato puree.
Mackerel (additionally known as Titus in Nigeria) is the most famous fish for making ready the Nigerian Fish Stew however experience unfastened to use any fish of your desire. A few fish are too clean whilst cooked and will scatter inside the stew because of all that stirring. It isn’t always truely beneficial to use such fish.
I choose pink onions for the Nigerian Fish Stew however your can use white or yellow onions if they’re the only ones you’ve got.
Stock cubes are the seasoning cubes we upload to our cooking.
The portions for the seasonings are for steering handiest so upload the thyme, pepper and salt on your flavor.
Earlier than you prepare dinner dinner Nigerian Fried Fish Stew
put together the tomato stew by way of manner of following the stairs at: the manner to prepare Tomato Stew
reduce the fish into 1 inch thick cuts and cast off the intestine. It’s miles encouraged to lessen the fish on the equal time as it’s far nonetheless a bit bit frozen. This permits you get best immediately cuts and keeps the fish from disintegrating.
Sprinkle a few salt at the fish, rub the salt into the fish cuts together along with your arms and set aside.
Slice one of the onions and dice the alternative one.
Pound or mixture the habanero pepper (atarodo, ose oyibo, atarugu).

Cooking instructions
location the diced onions, beaten inventory cubes and thyme in a easy pot.
Pour a small quantity of water and convey to a boil.
Add the fish and leave to boil for two mins. Turn the fish on the opportunity aspect and allow to boil for some other 2 mins then take them out from the fish inventory.

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we are able to fry the fish right now with out doing all this however we want to boil the fish for the subsequent motives:
For a delicious stew, we want a few fish stock (fish water lol) from the fish. The seasoning we add to the fish is going into the fish to make it taste better while the juice from the fish is going into the surrounding water to offer it some super taste a good way to make the stew scrumptious.
This boiling technique permits enhance the fish thereby stopping it from disintegrating within the stew.
Set the fish stock apart.
Shallow-fry the fish in a small amount of vegetable oil until golden. The difference amongst deep-frying and shallow-frying is that during shallow frying, you operate much less quantity of oil and the fish is not immersed in the oil. Each of them are first-rate however I just think there may be no want to use all that oil in frying specially even as i will acquire the identical thing with shallow frying. Additionally, I do now not like my fish bone-dry as that is what we frequently purpose for with deep-frying.
Set the fish aside and set the pot with the fish stock lower returned on this stove (medium heat).
As soon as it boils once more, upload the tomato stew and habanero pepper.
Add a few water to supply the stew to the consistency you need in your stews. Some humans like their stew watery, a few like it conc and some adore it somewhere within the center.
Add salt, stir and cover the pot and depart to simmer (boil) till you word a few oil glide to the surface of the stew. That is the oil from frying the Tomato Stew, no greater oil is added to Fish Stew. At the equal time as waiting to look the oil, stir the stew at intervals so it does not burn.
When you see the oil on the pinnacle  add the fried fish.
Stir, cowl and as quickly as it boils again, the stew is prepared!